Friday, February 27, 2009


Michael Troy passed away on February 25 at 7:33p.m. CST and the Wieser family is in deep sadness. Thank you to everyone who sent countless thoughts up to the heavens asking for Michael’s great strength to help him survive.

A special thanks goes out from the Wieser family to Dr. Mun and the medical staff at Spring Valley hospital in Las Vegas. Without their care Michael would have not made it to the airlift to Mayo clinic for a fighting chance at a transplant.

Thank you also to Mayo Clinic Transplant Center in Rochester, MN. Unfathomable effort was placed into the care for Michael with the hope being a successful transplant and Michael’s return to health.

The Wieser family is a proud, large, and loving one. Dick and Sheila have worked hard all their lives to provide for twelve beloved children. The results of that love were displayed with the courageous actions of the entire family during Michael’s fight for life.

The Wieser family does acknowledge that Michael’s lack of health insurance contributed to his inability to seek consistent medical care for his existing condition of Wilson’s disease, diagnosed 8 years ago. Given the exemplary medical abilities of health care facilities in the U.S., it is sad to know not all folks with catastrophic conditions can be confident to access them. Dick and Sheila will continue to pray for legislators and citizens to improve health care access.

Michael’s life was literally, and medically, saved so many years ago in Fargo, ND when he was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease. The Wieser family is full of faith that Michael was given eight extra years of life in order to touch many more people with his personality and love. Dick, Sheila, and their children witnessed Michael’s inspiration in Las Vegas. Michael’s circle of friends and colleagues in a place so far from home strongly evidenced this comforting legacy, and the Wieser family is thankful. Dick and Sheila send love and comfort to Michael Troy’s Las Vegas family in this time of immense grief.

For those that wish to contribute, a benefit account has been established at Mike's hometown bank. Merchants Bank of La Crestant holds the account. Contributions may be written out to Michael Troy Wieser Benefit and may be sent to:

Merchants Bank
316 Main St.
La Crestant, MN


The Wieser Family has set up a CARING BRIDGE site for Michael. Please visit and leave a note for the family on the guestbook.

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